A Team

The A team are an established Division One team.

Last season, they finished 6th in the First Division, which was a bit lower than previous years.

The current A Team captain is Francis Best.

2014-15 Fixtures:

Date  Home Away Results
Monday, 22-Sep Priorslee Lions A vs Shrewsbury A 3½ – 1½
Friday, 10-Oct Shrewsbury A vs Newport A  3 – 2
Monday, 20-Oct Telepost A vs Shrewsbury A  3½ – 1½
Wednesday, 05-Nov Telford A vs Shrewsbury A  1½ – 3½
Friday, 21-Nov Shrewsbury A vs Oswestry A  2 – 3
Wednesday, 03-Dec Wellington A vs Shrewsbury A  3 – 2
Tuesday, 16-Dec Ludlow A vs Shrewsbury A  4 – 1
Friday, 09-Jan (now 27-Mar) Shrewsbury A vs Priorslee Lions A  2½ – 2½
Tuesday, 20-Jan Newport A vs Shrewsbury A  3½ – 1½
Friday, 06-Feb Shrewsbury A vs Telepost A   1 – 4
Friday, 20-Feb Shrewsbury A vs Telford A  4½ – ½
Monday, 02-Mar Oswestry A vs Shrewsbury A  2 – 3
Friday, 20-Mar Shrewsbury A vs Wellington A  3½ – 1½
Friday, 17-Apr Shrewsbury A vs Ludlow A  Void


2013-14 Fixtures:

Tuesday 10th Condover & Church Stretton A A  4-1
Friday 27th Priorslee Lions A H   3-2
Friday 11th Priorslee Lions B H    3-2
Monday 21st Telepost A A    1½-3½
Friday 8th Newport A H     3-2
Wednesday 20th Wellington A A      2-3
Wednesday 4th Telford A A      4½-½
Friday 10th Condover & Church Stretton A H      ½-4½
Monday 20th Priorslee Lions A A      1½-3½
Friday 21st Telepost A H      2-3
Tuesday 4th Newport A A      1½-3½
Friday 21st Wellington A H      1½-3½
Monday 24th Priorslee Lions B A  4-1
Friday 4th Telford A H  2-3

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