B Team

The B team, presently captained by Ian Davies, plays in the second division.

Last season saw them finish in third place in the division, as well as winning the Minor Summer Knockout competition.

2014-15 Fixtures:

Date  Home vs Away Results
Monday, 15-Sep Priorslee Lions B vs Shrewsbury B 2½ – 2½
Friday, 03-Oct Shrewsbury B vs Telepost B 4 – 1
Wednesday, 29-Oct Telford B vs Shrewsbury B  2½ – 2½
Friday, 28-Nov Shrewsbury B vs Telford C  3½ – 1½
Wednesday, 10-Dec Wellington B vs Shrewsbury B  2½ – 2½
Friday, 16-Jan Shrewsbury B vs Priorslee Lions B  3½ – 1½
Monday, 26-Jan Telepost B vs Shrewsbury B  2½ – 2½
Friday, 20-Feb Shrewsbury B vs Church Stretton A  0 – 5
Friday, 27-Feb Shrewsbury B vs Telford B  1½ – 3½
Thursday, 12-Mar Church Stretton A vs Shrewsbury B   5 – 0
Wednesday, 25-Mar Telford C vs Shrewsbury B  2½ – 2½
Friday, 24-Apr Shrewsbury B vs Wellington B


2013-2014 Fixtures:

Tuesday 17th Newport B      A  3½-1½
Friday 4th Telford B      H  2½-2½
Friday 18th Oswestry A      H  3-2
Monday 28th Telepost B      A  2-3
Friday 15th Telepost C      H  4½-½
Friday 29th Wellington B      H  2-3
Tuesday 10th Ludlow A      A  1½-3½
Friday 17th Newport B      H  3½-1½
Wednesday 29th Telford B      A  2½-2½
Monday 10th Oswestry A      A  2-3
Friday 28th Telepost B      H  3-2
Monday 10th Telepost C      A  3-2
Wednesday 26th Wellington B      A  2-3
Friday 11th Ludlow A      H  2½-2½

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