How to Find Us

The new Shrewsbury venue is much easier to get to than the old one, although still at the Shelton Hospital location.  Drive along Somerby Drive, past both the previous entrances (to the right) and all the housing estates (to the left), more or less as far as you can go, until you come to a new building slightly to the right of the road, which is a glass fronted building, called (and signed) the Redwoods Centre.  It has coloured glass panels in the front façade. Turn right in front of the building and follow the one way system round into the car park, which is expansive and in front of the main building.  The security guards are pretty friendly these days but may ask you to sign in, especially if you have parked a vehicle in the car park.  Shrewsbury Chess Club meets in the seminar rooms on the first floor.

4 Responses to How to Find Us

  1. Sara Rubio says:


    I would like to know how can I be part of the chess club in Shrewsbury.


  2. Admin says:

    Feel free just to come along on a Friday evening from about 7:30pm. You can try us out and check whether you think you can fit in. Any of the club members there will be happy to give you a game or two and there is no charge for your first season’s visit.

    Francis Best, Club Secretary

  3. leonidas polemis says:

    hi I interesting for chess . where is address for I coming? thanks

    • Admin says:

      Hi. Please look under the “How to find us” tab. We are at the Redwoods Centre and meet every Friday from 7:30pm.

      Francis Best, Secretary

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